3 take-aways from my biggest life lesson to date.

Maria Baeck
3 min readFeb 3, 2022


My biggest life challenge to date has turned into a gift that keeps on giving. It brought take-aways and deeper insights. And, it provided a greater appreciation for and awareness of the need to be true to myself.

In this post, I’ll share the 3 immediate take-aways from this life lesson. In part 3, I’ll cover the deeper insight that unravelled way after the situation had resolved. An insight that has made me view cause and effect in a new way.

But before I continue. If you don’t know which story I am referring to, “The hard lesson that taught me that my gut can be trusted”, you can read it here. (Part 1 in this mini-series.)

So, what were the 3 immediate learnings that I took away from this life lesson?

(1) We are always part of someone else’s experience.

  • I learned to look out for and be more sensitive about how and when I share, as it may be neither timely nor appropriate to share information about someone else’s journey, no matter how innocent the reason or intention.
  • That said, having a conscious practice for discernment plays an important role. Sharing something may sometimes be the right thing to do, even if it rocks the boat.
  • Avoid sharing sourced information as a fact about someone who is not in the room. A message that is shared as ‘truth’ instead of an opportunity for exploration, can warp the lens beyond recognition. (I have seen this happen and been at the receiving end.)

(2) View all sides to avoid tunnel vision.

  • Your personal stories can create barriers and tunnel vision as you get too stuck in the details to perceive the wider perspective, i.e. your personality or ego is blocking the view.
  • Having an attachment to the outcome will prevent you from staying objective and will limit your options.
  • Listening for inner guidance before making decisions creates an environment of trusting the unknown.

(3) Be open to exploration.

  • Being willing to inquire into your own role and preferences in conjunction with what your gut is telling you will prevent tunnel vision.
  • Knowing the ‘language’ or way that your inner guidance uses to communicate with you helps you gauge your level of clarity.
  • Being aware that there are layers to the information (is there a need for additional questions?), will help you discern the most aligned next steps.

Can you relate to any of the above take-aways?

As you can tell from the above lists, I discovered a number of nuggets within each learning. Are there any specific nuggets that you’d like me to explore further?

Leave me a comment or send me a message.

In my next post (the last part of this mini-series), I’ll cover the deeper insight that has had me look at cause and effect in a new way.



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